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New Award: Rosen Librarian of the Month

Rosen Ohio Librarian of the Month

Calling all OELMA Library Media Specialists!
New! New! New!
This Award is for YOU!
Starting Winter 2019!

We want to Spotlight YOU!
What are your students, your staff, and YOU doing each month in your Library Media Center?

Select this link to nominate yourself or another Library Media Specialist whom you would like to nominate. Tell us about a powerful lesson, program or collaboration that showcases what is happening in Media Centers across our state!

The Rosen Librarian of the Month will be awarded monthly. The recipient will be featured on our OELMA website, social media, listservs, and more. This recognition will allow us to develop an idea bank of best practices being demonstrated across Ohio!

There’s more!
Rosen Publishing is sponsoring this brand-new Librarian of the Month award. The Library Media Specialist selected each month will select a set of free books for his/her library which will be donated by Rosen Publishing. Since being established in 1950, the Rosen Publishing Group offers engaging print and digital books on a wide range of topics that are aligned with the curriculum. Rosen is also known for databases and interactive e-books.

Can you say Win-Win?
OELMA develops an idea bank of best practices for members, you receive new books and the spotlight! In addition, a letter of acknowledgment will be sent to each recipient’s principal and the recipient will receive a signature badge to use in his/her email.

1. OELMA members may nominate his/her own program or may nominate another OELMA member.
2. Nominations must be submitted by the 15th of each month.
3. Only one set of books per school will be awarded per school year.
4, A Library Media Specialist may be featured multiple times, winning multiple book collections, but only one award will be given per school. For example: If an LMS teaches in 3 buildings, s/he has the opportunity to submit 3 different forms within 1 school year as long as each submission represents work from different buildings.

If multiple submissions are made within one month, the Awards and Scholarships Committee will vote on the recipient considering best practices, standards, advocacy, and outreach.

For additional information, please contact Lorri Kingan, Director of Awards and Scholarships.