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Just As We All Did, Conference Is Transitioning To A Virtual Format Too!

Written By: Karen Gedeon (OELMA Vice President & Middle School Media Specialist - Cuyahoga Falls City School District)

Well, here we are. It's July and your conference planning committee is well into planning our second conference of the year. We were running like a well oiled machine. All our subcommittees were doing their thing, even midwinter had their speakers lined up for a great day of professional development and well, we all know what happened in March.


This prompted our board to decide not only could we move our conference to a virtual environment, but we could even provide a rich learning environment with benefits a face to face conference could not. Dozens of people working on the face to face conference were frozen in place for a while until decisions could be made and direction could be provided. We took a hard pivot and everyone stepped up to complete their jobs again: keynotes, authors, presenters, exhibitors all needed to contacted, decisions needed to be made on the fly by conference committee members who felt the decisions they were making were well beyond their pay grade of volunteer and extra meetings were scheduled.
So, now we made it to July and I could not be more proud of everyone who is working on our new virtual conference. We have an incredible month of professional development planned for attendees who will have access to materials until next October! We will kick off with our traditional preconference, which will be anything but traditional.
Our Mid-Winter, which was not able to be held this year, will have its own sessions on Saturdays during conference and all of our original keynotes and authors are embracing the new virtual format and will be presenting live sessions for us.
So, watch your email (from the new listserv) for more information on the conference and how to register. You will want to be part of this incredible conference and don’t forget to invite your administrators and other staff members (non-OELMA members are always welcome to attend) to showcase what school librarians can do in a crisis.
Karen Gedeon
VP, Conference Chair, Conference Programming Subcommittee Chair