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Midwinter in October?

Written By: Deb Logan (OELMA Immediate Past President & Gifted Coordinator and Idea Lab Teacher - Pleasant Local Schools)

40% off! Two for the price of one! It’s July and hardly a day goes by without a seeing or hearing a commercial or reading an email offering a Christmas in July promotion. This year we are having OELMA’s Midwinter in October and this combined event is a bargain! OELMA is offering our two largest annual professional development events for one low price. OELMA members can virtually attend both Annual Conference and Midwinter for the single price of $60 and non-members can attend for $75. (Better still, you can attend in your favorite pj’s, loungewear or sweats!)

Both events feature the same invaluable speakers, presenters, and topics that were scheduled BEFORE the transition to virtual. What does that mean for Midwinter?
This year’s Midwinter is Hidden in Plain Sight: Meeting the Needs of Underserved Students. It looks at five different groups of students who are typically marginalized and often face serious social, emotional, and academic challenges. Sessions will look at how we can recognize, meet students’ needs and advocate for these deserving students. Midwinter sessions include:
  • Welcoming LGBTQ Students - Liz Deskins
  • Students Living with Trauma - Dr. Meghan Harper
  • The World at Your Library Door Step - Allison Dorr and Dr. Christina Dorr
  • From Poverty to Possibility - Dr. Christina Dorr
  • Gifted Students and the Cloak of Invisibility - Deb Logan

It may be July (or August), but it isn’t too early or too late to sign up for OELMA’s Conference AND Midwinter event.