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My School Library is My Community

We recently asked a few special guest bloggers to share with OELMA's Communication Committee what the school library means to them as part of National School Library Month. This is the first post to showcase the impact of the school library from one of our very own Ohio K-12 students.

My School Library is My Community
By: Madeline Ford, Current Nordonia High School Senior

    As a high-school senior, I feel like I speak for the majority of my fellow final-year students when I say that I went into my senior year ready to fly through it and forget it. I was so ready for the next step that I forgot to appreciate what I already had in front of me: the resources available to me for the past few years that I had been taking for granted. One of the most significant resources was Nordonia’s IMC, or library center, at the high school. To me, the school library provides me with an opportunity to succeed academically, mentally, and socially. With the latter items, Nordonia’s library helped me to redefine what a library means to me by acting as a community.

    It’s not surprising that the library is equipped with sources to help students succeed on an academic scale. I feel like that is pretty typical of any library or resource center. The IMC is a popular spot for tutors to give help and for the tutors to receive help. Additionally, I had also spent the majority of my freshman year in my school’s IMC. As a college-credit plus student, I had a pretty odd schedule that resulted in multiple open spots in my schedule I, then, filled by spending time studying in the IMC. The IMC provided me, then, with a quiet space for me to focus on the academic parts of my life. I was also able to print papers, utilize the computers, and look at books for research.

    That’s the standard stuff, though. I want to go into the more, I guess, unanticipated aspects of my school’s library. One of those unanticipated aspects was the mental and social resources available to me. The IMC also held yoga sessions during midterm and final week. As many know, mental, physical, and academic health are intertwined, so helping one can help others. While I hadn’t utilized the yoga sessions, just having them available to me through the IMC means a lot.

The IMC is also where the book club is held, which was one of the few clubs at my school I am a part of, and the only club I was a part of for reasons other than community service. Book club was an opportunity for me to expand my horizons in a social aspect and relate to people who liked something I also enjoyed. Book club also showed me that my school’s library houses a community of people. Whether that community is a book club or the staff that run the library, I learned to view the library as more than a few bookshelves and computers. My school’s library, to me, is a community that provides me with the support and resources to succeed academically, physically, and mentally.